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Organic Inputs

Neudorff North America is pleased to announce that in cooperation with Peppersoft Inc Organic Solutions, Sluggo, Sluggo Pro and Opal are now listed on Organic Inputs. Products listed on Organic Inputs have been found to be...

Category: Canada, Products, Baits, Molluscicides, Insecticides

Sluggo Still Listed for Organic Production

NOSB Vote Confirms Listing

Category: Canada, USA, Products, Baits, Molluscicides

International Residue Exemptions

Neudorff is pleased to announce that Japanese authorities have confirmed that both iron phosphate and iron EDTA are covered by the Japanese Maximum Residue Limit (MRL) exemption for iron on the list of Substances Having No...

Category: Molluscicides, Products

Ferroxx Press Release

New Molluscicide For Commercial Users

Category: USA, Molluscicides, Products