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Neudorff launches Scorpio Liquid Ant Bait in Canada

It is with great pleasure that Neudorff announces the launch of Scorpio Liquid Ant Bait in Canada. Scorpio is a highly palatable, reduced risk liquid ant bait that introduces a new active ingredient to the structural pest...

Category: Canada, Insecticides, Baits, Products

Vegol Crop Oil Receives OMRI Canada Certificate

Neudorff North America is pleased to announce that we have received an OMRI Canada Certificate for Vegol Crop Oil. Vegol Crop Oil meets the Canadian Organic Standards and is now permitted for use by organic farmers.* Growers now...

Category: Canada, Insecticides, Products

Cueva Copper Fungicide Now Registered in Canada

Neudorff North America is very pleased to announce that Cueva Copper Fungicide is now registered for use in Canada. Canadian growers now have access to a low load copper fungicide that is unlike any other. The unique combination...

Category: Canada, Products

Manitoba Cosmetic Pesticide Ban

On the west green of the Manitoba Legislature Gord Mackintosh Minister of Conservation and Water Stewardship announced the plan to introduce legislation in the next session of the legislature to restrict the cosmetic use of...

Category: Canada, Products, Herbicide

Fiesta vs. Thistle

Fiesta is great for use on common broadleaf weeds like dandelion and chickweed but what about hardy eyesores like thistle? We recently heard from EngageAgro USA, who sent us this photo of thistle two days after a low rate (2.5...

Category: Canada, USA, Products, Herbicide

Dramatic Results from Fiesta in Newfoundland

On May 30, 2013, expert lawn care company Nutri-Lawn sprayed a residential lawn in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada, with Fiesta Lawn Weed Killer, Neudorff’s selective, broadleaf weed killer.   Seven days elapsed, then...

Category: Canada, Products, Herbicide

Organic Inputs

Neudorff North America is pleased to announce that in cooperation with Peppersoft Inc Organic Solutions, Sluggo, Sluggo Pro and Opal are now listed on Organic Inputs. Products listed on Organic Inputs have been found to be...

Category: Canada, Products, Baits, Molluscicides, Insecticides

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