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Neudorff USA launches Antixx Liquid Ant Bait

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It's with great pleasure that Neudorff USA announces the launch of Antixx Liquid Ant Bait for ants and other common pests.

Antixx LAB is a research driven, highly palatable ant bait that introduces a new active ingredient to the pest control market, spinosad. Spinosad is a metabolite of the soil dwelling bacteria Saccharopolyspora Spinosa and is highly active on insects by ingestion as well as contact.

Spinosad works quickly and kills the queen and colony within 1-2 weeks. Antixx LAB offers pest management professionals a new way of controlling troublesome ants, as well as other common pests, while managing resistance to existing products. This coupled with the reduced risk of spinosad makes these products integral tools to control nuisance pests as part of a comprehensive pest management program.