Sluggo Maxx


Sluggo Maxx is the next generation of Sluggo. Sluggo Maxx is the most powerful slug and snail bait for organic agriculture with 3-times the active ingredient and a new, expanded label! Like original Sluggo, Sluggo Maxx is OMRI-Listed, MRL-exempt, and offers fast-acting protection up to the day of harvest. Sluggo Maxx simplifies your compliance because it may be applied to a wide variety of crops and has no annual maximum or re-application interval. The pellet is water resistant so you do not need to wait to irrigate and it may be applied up to the day of harvest.  Sluggo Maxx offers flexibility in application method: it can be broadcast by air and it may even be applied directly to flooded fields to kill aquatic slugs and snails.  And, as you have come to expect of Sluggo, Sluggo Maxx may be used around pets, wildlife and domestic animals.