Homeplate Total Vegetation Killer


Neudorff announces the launch of Homeplate Total Vegetation Killer for the agricultural market.

Homeplate is a non-selective, broad spectrum, fatty acid burndown herbicide that contains a blend of 44% Caprylic acid and 36% Capric acid as active ingredients. They are labeled with a CAUTION Signal Word and are listed for use in organic agriculture and non-food crops.

Over several years of university trials, Homeplate has shown excellent results in controlling various weeds. It provides incredibly rapid and effective weed control under most conditions, including in cooler temperatures, and is rainfast in only three hours.

These herbicides are broadly labeled for use in a wide variety of crop and non-crop sites with the language: "For use in and around all food and non-food crops, including but not limited to:". This label language is especially unique to these products.

Weed control is an ongoing problem in all agricultural settings but is especially difficult for organic growers.  Homeplate will provide these growers, especially organic growers and applicators to sensitive landscapes, with an efficacious and cost-effective tool to stay ahead of this challenge.