Scorpio PCO Ant & Insect Bait


Scorpio PCO Product Line

Tap into the power of the Scorpio line of products. Get the unique action of the spinosad based Scorpio PCO Liquid Ant Bait, Scorpio PCO Ant & Insect Bait (granular) and now the convenient, no-spill Scorpio PCO Liquid Ant Bait station for indoor and outdoor use.

In addition, Neudorff is pleased to announce the registration of Scorpio Ant Granule. In Scorpio Ant Granule, Neudorff utilizes the power of pyrethrins to control a wide variety of ants. Formulated as an easy to use granule, Scorpio Ant Granule is for outdoor use as a broadcast application or dissolved in water to drench ant nests.

Neudorff's unique family of Scorpio products allow pest management professionals to control ants indoors and outdoors.