Moss-Aside Moss Killer


Moss-Aside Moss Killer is a fast-acting moss, algae and lichen killer that works on a variety of surfaces including turf. It works quickly on moss, algae, lichens, liverwort, mold, mildew, and green slime. This non-staining formula can be used on lawns, golf courses, turf, parks, playgrounds, and a wide variety of other sites.

Moss-Aside is residue exempt, which means that the active ingredient is exempt from the requirement for a tolerance when used in or on all food commodities, increasing the level of flexibility when exporting to an ever-growing number of countries. Moss-Aside will not harm adjacent plants when used according to directions, will not increase soil acidity, will not darken grass, and will not damage painted and metal surfaces.

In most cases, a single application will control moss and algae for up to one year and does not stain hard surfaces.


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