Finalsan Herbicide


Finalsan® Herbicidal Soap is a fast-acting weed, grass, algae, lichen, liverwort, and moss killer. Using a specially formulated, non-staining, ammoniated soap of fatty acids, Finalsan® Herbicidal Soap is a non-selective herbicide that controls and suppresses many common annual, biennial, and perennial weeds that grow around ornamental flowers, mature shrubs and trees; in lawns bordering garden areas; in bark mulch; around planters, raised beds, containers and other structures holding flowers, trees, shrubs, and vegetables; in planting beds prior to planting grass, flowers or vegetables; and on roofs, decks, patios, walks, bricks, and cement. Finalsan® Herbicidal Soap can be used any time during the year, even in cool weather, leaves no harmful residue in the soil, and is biodegradable. Finalsan Pro® is available in larger sizes for commercial applications.


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