Cueva Commercial


Cueva Commercial Copper Fungicide is a patented combination of low amounts of copper with a fatty acid to produce a copper soap fungicide that offers protection from a wide variety of bacterial and fungal diseases. It is gentle enough to be used on copper sensitive crops and does not stain like other copper fungicides.

Cueva is a blue liquid suspension that mixes easily, stays in solution for long periods and spreads evenly over the treated crop. The unique copper soap combination gives Cueva better control of powdery mildew than typical coppers and does not sacrifice control of downy mildew. In addition, Cueva offers an alternative to antibiotics for the control of fire blight in pome fruit.

Cueva can be applied indoors (greenhouse) and outdoors on a wide variety of ornamental and food crops to control a broad range of bacterial and fungal diseases. Areas treated with Cueva can be re-entered in just 4 hours and the crop can be harvested 12 hours after application. Cueva is gentle on beneficial insects and is harmless to pollinators.

This product is part of integrated pest management programs and is ideal for use in crops that are sensitive to copper where protection from powdery mildew and bacterial diseases is desired.

Cueva, a popular copper fungicide in the United States, is now available in Canada from EngageAgro.


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