Scorpio Ant & Insect Bait and Scorpio PCO Ant & Insect Bait





Neudorff is pleased to announce that Scorpio Ant & Insect Bait and Scorpio PCO Ant & Insect Bait are now available for use in Canada.

Scorpio Ant & Insect baits are highly effective easy to apply baits. They can be applied to a wide range of agricultural and ornamental crops as well as turf for the control of ants and black cutworms, suppression of spotted wing drosophila, and the reduction of damage from wireworm.

The active ingredient of Scorpio Ant & Insect baits is spinosad. Spinosad is derived from a soil dwelling organism. Spinosad is powerful but has a low toxicity to mammals. Canadian famers, greenhouse growers, and turf managers will now have access to a unique product that requires no spraying and will complement existing control options.



Belchim Crop Protection Canada