Company History

W. Neudorff GmbH KG was founded in 1854 in Königsberg, which at that time was part of Prussia. This company was one of the first German companies to manufacture phytopharma-ceutical agents and animal-care products.

The company's founder was Wilhelm Neudorff, a dyer with an emphasis on chemistry. He engineered a product line comprising diverse bath additives, tinctures, ointments and cosmetics.

In 1903, the company was relocated to Wuppertal, where it expanded its product line of chemical-pharmaceutical products. As early as the mid-1930s, phytopharma-ceutical agents, pest-control agents and animal-care products were produced. Even in those days, great emphasis was placed on developing the safest-possible products.

In 1959, the company was acquired by Rudolf Lohmann and relocated to Emmerthal. Here, an entire line featuring new products was developed and produced. Early on, people recognised that there was a market for eco-compatible agents usable by hobby gardeners. This product line continued to expand. Neudorff continues to expand and diversify its product line today; we are always developing and bringing to market cutting edge eco-compatible products.

Through the years, Neudorff has engineered processes, preparations and devices which are outstandingly suited to use in natural gardening, organic gardening, in agriculture and integrated horticulture.

Our areas of emphasis are eco-compatible phytopharma-ceutical agents of natural origin, along with organic fertilisers for indoor and outdoor plants, with means and devices for composting, products for increasing hardiness in plants and improving soil quality.

A particular Neudorff specialty: beneficial insects and acarians which are primarily applied in protected spaces. In addition to a comprehensive product line targeted to hobby gardeners, Neudorff also offers an entire array of products for professional gardeners and pest-control specialists.

Today in Emmerthal

The administrative and production headquarters in Emmerthal also houses the modern experimental gardening facility including green houses and free fields in Hamelin. An additional production site is located in Lüneburg. Neudorff employs a total work force of approx. 100. Of these, 25 employees work in our field-service team.

Neudorff products are available at any reputable specialty shop. Neudorff also exports products to: the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France, Norway, Great Britain, Poland, the Czech Republic, the United States, Canada, South Africa, Japan, Australia and Brazil.

The company is based in an old mill structure located directly on the small Emmer River. Since the conservation of our natural environment and its resources is viewed on a holistic level, this also manifests itself in energy management. A high-performance, highly modern turbine in the building provides for electricity production. It generates enough electricity to keep all the machines running – and even a small surplus of power which we re-sell. In other words: for Neudorff, eco-consciousness begins at our own doorstep.