Neudorff Professional North America

Neudorff North America (NNA) is an innovative leader in ecologically responsible products for agriculture, turf, and ornamental growers. From small-scale organic farming to large-scale crop production, Neudorff provides high-efficacy, low-impact plant protection products. Closely integrated field personnel and a leading-edge research team allow NNA to develop effective, affordable solutions for insect, mollusc, and invasive weed and fungus species, while limiting impact on applicators and the environment.

Neudorff North America is the most recent expansion of one of Europe's oldest chemical manufacturers. NNA opened for business in 2001 in response to increased demand for effective products suitable for organic and conventional crop production, as well as for use in pesticide-restricted areas. Headquartered in Victoria, BC, Canada, with personnel across the continent, NNA provides personalized customer care and forward-thinking market development.


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Progema has a longstanding expertise in the sustainable and responsible distribution of plant protection products for professional users. The high quality products meet the modern standards of residue-free food production and plant care. All products are distributed through wholesalers in more than 20 countries all over the world.

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